Sent on 18 November 2010

India Reborn - A must-watch documentary

India Reborn charts the kaleidoscopic rise of one of the world's newest and most unlikely superpowers. Each of the four cinematic episodes unfolds with fascinating intimacy and insight, revealing characters who reflect India's dramatic renaissance. India Reborn is a mixture of dreams and despair, an entertaining and informative window into a land that could soon shape the future of the world.

Home to charismatic gurus, prowling tigers and shimmering temples, India also boasts 28 billionaires, 100,000 millionaires and a middle class that is bigger than the population of the United States. India houses a total of a billion people - half of them under 25 - who speak 850 languages, pray in at least a dozen different faiths, and abide by a stubborn caste system. She is a sprawling, chaotic democracy with an economy poised to become the third largest in the world.

India Reborn catches the excitement of India's cities pulsating with new wealth propelled by an IT boom. Multinationals around the world are rushing to her doorstep. Following are thousands of 'medical tourists' that flock to India's resort-like hospitals for cut-price, quality. But the economy has not created enough jobs for a teeming nation. The countryside tells another, more dire story in the race for India's fortune.

The Indian giant has awakened but so too have the undercurrents of frustration at rampant political corruption, religious strife and cities chocking on their own growth. Amidst despair there is dazzling enchantment in the land of Bollywood films. In India, actors are the new gods and teachers. The thousand blockbuster films produced yearly entertain its people but their modern ways clash with age-old morals.

Cinematic in scope, the four episode series unfolds with intimacy and insight, giving viewers a window into the lives of the people living through India's dramatic transformation. A potent mixture of dreams and despair, INDIA REBORN is a fascinating look into a land that has a leading role in reshaping the world.

In the first part of the series, Myth & Might, we journey into India's rich tapestry of myth and growing economic might.

Next, in Manufacturing Dreams, the spotlight is on a society where rising prosperity has set traditional values in turmoil, with the stories seen through the colourful prism of Bollywood.

Part 3, India is on the Move, displays the excitement of life in cities pulsating with new wealth, but which is in dramatic contrast to rural life and the archaic caste system.

Finally, in Mother India, food both unites and divides in today's India as we see how this sprawling, diverse land feeds itself at a time of unparalleled change.


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